6 Fast Food Employees Caught Doing Disgusting Things To Our Food

I was already grossed out enough by fast food without having to see evidence of employees tainting the food I never wanted to eat anyway. I try to consume fast food as little as possible. I usually will only eat it on road trips if there’s nothing else. Reason being: I grew up in Phoenix where, in 1990, a cook at Jack In The Box was arrested on suspicion of blowing his nose into a hamburger. I was 12 — at the height of what should have been my fast food eating peak. But that news was enough to put me off red meat for the next decade, not to mention Jack In The Box. I’ve never been back.

Now, thanks to the magic of interweb, we don’t have to imagine the horror of someone blowing their nose into our burger, we get to see it first hand. This picture of a Wendy’s employee gobbling from the Frosty machine “like a crackwhore” appeared on Reddit last week, promptly earning him his pink slip. But he’s just the latest in a string of gross out pranks by fast food employees. Maybe this is a good thing for our country’s obesity problem? Click through for all the reasons you need not to roll through the drive through. [The Daily Dot]