Update: Laura Smith’s Gender Confirmation Surgery Fundraiser Needs Your Help

This past May, we introduced you to Laura Smith, a brave trans woman who shared her story of survival with us. Laura created an Indiegogo fundraising page to raise money for her gender confirmation surgery, the next step in her journey to becoming the person she’s always wanted to be.

As we mentioned before, Laura’s gender confirmation surgery isn’t covered by her insurance, because, like so many others, it considers the surgery to be “cosmetic” in nature. Nevermind that thousands of trans people attempt suicide each year because they are unable to afford the necessary hormonal treatments and surgeries they require. Not to mention that, out of pocket, gender confirmation surgery is prohibitively expensive for most people.

So far, Laura’s Indiegogo campaign has raised more than $9,000. That’s great! But it’s not even half of the $22,000 price tag on her surgery. To meet her fundraising goals, Laura will need a whole lot more help.

And that’s where you come in. Laura was brave enough to share her story with all of us, and it would be great if you could spare a few dollars to help her recognize her dream. There are less than three days left to give, and every penny counts, so head over to Laura’s Indiegogo page to donate!