Today In Terribleness: Florida Women Really Don’t Like It When You Mess With Their Food & Drink

The next time you head down to Tampa or Gainsville, keep this in mind: You do not want to mess with a Florida woman’s food or alcohol supply. Case in point, 51-year-old Kari Dangler, of Monroe County, Florida, pulled a handgun on her roommate after her vodka bottle went missing. Dangler’s male roommate hid the bottle of vodka from her, presumably because she was drunk (and prone to brandishing weapons in her inebriated state). When cops confronted her about the incident, she claimed she had only taken out the gun to clean it. Uh huh. She was charged with aggravated assault. But she’s not the only Florida woman to freak over her food or drink…

There’s also 34-year-old central Florida woman Melissa Heale, who tased her 10-year-old daughter after the child failed to make oatmeal the way she liked it. What? “No matter where you’re impacted at with a Taser, it’s going to cause obviously a red mark, probably puncture wounds, or a burn mark on the skin,” said former Sheriff’s deputy James Copenhaver. Heale has been charged with aggravated child abuse with a deadly weapon, and her daughter was removed from the home and placed with relatives.

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[Oatmeal and vodka bottle photos courtesy Shutterstock]