Rightwing British Politician Tweets Sexual Joke About Nigella Lawson’s Domestic Abuse

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Today in RIP Society: the chairman of Britain’s far-right political party the British National Party tweeted an inappropriately sexual comment about those pictures showing art collector Charles Saatchi choking his wife, celeb chef Nigella Lawson, at a London restaurant.

What’s even more offensive is a follow-up tweet where … well … you just have to read it:

Nick Griffin Tweets About Nigella Lawson

So because she “uses” her curves in her career, it’s okay to make a sexual joke about her being physically abused by her husband?  Eat a hot bowl of dicks, dude.

I think we finally have a serious contender in epic social media inappropriateness for The Onion’s Quvenzhané Wallis “cunt” tweet.

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[Twitter.com/NickGriffinMEP (2)]

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