Grace Coddington And Her Cat Cook Meat And Potatoes For Vogue

It’s rare that we get to see those notoriously ever-so-stuffy fashion people looking at ease in their natural habitats, but if anyone’s going to maintain their cool in front of a camera, it’s probably going to be Grace Coddington. The longtime Vogue creative director invited Elettra Wiedemann into her kitchen to cook (potatoes gratin and steak wrapped in fat) for the latest installment of Elettra’s cooking series for the illustrious publication. In trademark deadpan fashion, Grace is the first to comment on the irony of her creamy meat ‘n’ potatoes meal, noting that “it’s a dish that any Vogue person really shouldn’t be making” — but neither she nor Wiedemann seem particularly flustered as they slather potatoes in a pint of heavy cream. The true selling point of this video is the all-too-brief cameo made by Coddington’s very cute, very fluffy Persian cat, Bart, as he oversees the cooking operation. []