Daphne Guinness Debuts Her First Music Video Out Of Left Field

Rarely, if ever, does a famous face not known primarily for their vocal prowess come out with a song that’s actually good, let alone something that a jaded consumer like myself might voluntarily listen to. With that said, hellooooooo, Daphne Guinness! I certainly didn’t see this one coming from any direction, but here it is — the artist, avant-garde sartorial star, and, yes, heir to the Guinness throne has released the music video for her first single, “Fatal Flaw.” Directed by photographer Nick Knight, the video is a lovely accompaniment to what is a legitimately listenable tune. The New Yorker reports that Guinness once aspired to train as an operatic soprano, but what we’re getting here is more of a Nico vibe, albeit less gravelly, less German, and … less sublime. But it’s good! I would Spotify the shit out of her album, to be sure. [Jezebel]