Noted Humanitarian Chris Brown Launches Campaign To Encourage “Love”

Chris Brown’s new single, “They Don’t Know” is expected to drop sometime before his new album, X, is released on July 16. Brown tweeted, “The new single is part of my ‘UNITY CAMPAIGN’ which encourages all races, sexes (everyone) gay or straight to love each other!” Brown also tweeted, “As a young inspiration to all types of people around the world, it is my moral obligation to let go of grudges or bs.”

Although it is nice to see Chris Brown at least attempting to use his fame to spread positivity in the world, the Unity Campaign is a clear ploy to improve his public image. Despite questionable motives, hopefully Brown’s commitment to this campaign will keep his behavior in check? And there’s a lot to check. Who could forget his 2009 domestic assault of Rihanna, his homophobic statements and tweets about Frank Ocean after Ocean’s coming out, that bar brawl with Drake, harassing people at Subway, that time he dressed like a “terrorist” for Halloween, and the time he allegedly jumped Ocean in a parking lot?

It is hard to see Chris Brown as completely reformed when he is due in court the day before his album release to address claims that exaggerated the number of community service hours he completed since being found guilty of his domestic assault of Rihanna. But hey … it’s a start.


[Photo: WENN]