Frisky By The Numbers: The Toddler/Terrorist Death Toll

The website Opposing Viewpoints revealed a rather sobering statistic this week: The number of people killed in the first five months of the year from gun deaths involving toddlers was nearly three times as many as from deaths involving terrorist attacks. Since January, there have been 11 deaths related to toddlers who somehow gained access to guns. In many of those cases, the toddlers themselves, or another young child, were victims. One child, though, fatally shot his father, a former Green Beret soldier. (And that doesn’t even cover the nine other deaths reported by kids 7 to 19 who were also accidentally killed while handling firearms.)In comparison, four people perished in the Boston bombing attack this past April, though countless people were physically and emotionally wounded in that attack. For comparison, let’s look at a 2010 statistic: That year 13,186 people died in terrorist attacks, compared to 31,672 firearm-related deaths in the U.S. alone.

Certainly, all of these deaths are tragic and senseless, but it seems especially terrible that so many families should suffer because guns somehow made it into the hands of children. [Opposing Views]