30 Dead Giveaways That A Guy Is Immature

I’ve instinctually known that boys were more immature than girls since Charlie chased me around the playground with his bloody wart carcass in 2nd grade. I cried hysterically, which I guess made me immature too. But it was really gross, and warts are contagious, so I felt justified in my outburst. My traumatizing childhood anecdotes aside, a new study confirmed that men are, in fact, the more immature sex. According to the findings, men don’t come of age until they’re about 43, whereas women reach full maturity around age 32. That’s more than a decade on average, which is a bigger gap than I thought. Despite the assertion that men do eventually mature, 80 percent of the women surveyed said that they believe that men “never stop being childish.”

So how do you know if the guy you’re dealing with has hit the maturity tipping point, if you will? Researches came up with a checklist of indicators. For the record, I find many of the “signs of immaturity” to be totally charming (and do a bunch of them myself … crazy dance moves!). I’ll always have love for a man on a skateboard who laughs at his own farts. But a cartoon bedspread and pajamas? Yeah, not so much. After the jump, 30 things that supposedly make a dude immature.

1. Finding their own farts and burps hilarious.

2. Eating fast food at 2:00 a.m.

3. Playing video games.

4. Driving too fast.

5. Laughing at swear words.

6. Driving with loud music.

7. Playing practical jokes.

8. Trying to beat children at games.

9. Staying silent during an argument.

10. Not being able to cook simple meals.

11. Re-telling the same silly jokes.

12. Don’t like talking about themselves.

13. Hating reading because it’s boring.

14. Doing crazy dance moves.

15. Getting their laundry done by mom.

16. Having meals prepared by mom.

17. Wearing sneakers out.

18. Owning a skateboard or BMX bike.

19. Not eating vegetables.

20. Changing jobs regularly.

21. Getting too about singles events.

22. Trying to do wheelies on their bike.

23. Driving a souped up car.

24. Bragging about how hot women think they are.

25. Wearing cartoon pajamas.

26. Chatting women up online.

27. Showing off about fitness.

28. Littering.

29. Sagging their pants.

30. Having a cartoon bedspread.

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