Swedish Train Drivers Find A Solution To “No Shorts Policy” — Skirts

After male employees on Sweden’s Roslagsbanna commuter line were told they were prohibited from wearing shorts, they came up with a workaround solution: Skirts. Driver Martin Akersten and around a dozen other conductors are protesting the company’s anti-shorts policy by donning skirts––and so far, nobody’s complaining. Even the company that oversees the train lines says that it’ll let the drivers wear skirts, as long as they look “nice and proper.” Plus, say officials, they can’t sensor male skirt-wearers: it would be considered discrimination against men who want to wear women’s clothes.

Many train companies have specific policies about what their employees can and cannot wear. For instance, D.C.’s conductors must wear long pants, on account of the fact that they may have to walk around in the Metro’s tunnels (and uh, think about the rats?).

The protest apparently worked, because after several weeks, Arriva, the company that owns the trains, reconsidered their policy. Male conductors can now happily short-up in warm weather. [Independent]