Nominated CIA Deputy Avril Haines Is Into Some Sexy Stuff

When the only other “Avril” the world has known is a time-warped punk star, what else did you expect, Mr. President? Apparently, the newly nominated deputy director of the CIA, Avril Haines, used to host Erotica Night at her Baltimore bookstore back in the ’90s. Haines co-owned Adrian’s Book Café in Fells Point and helped develop the monthly erotic gatherings, where guests would read aloud their sensuous tales over dinner.

What were these nights like, you’re wondering? Well, according to a 1995 Baltimore Sun article…

Before the night ends, they will speak of it. The secret urgencies and cries of love, rain-swept sheets and ripening fruit. The great beast within? It will come out, in conversation at least, and the unleashing will make them laugh and fidget, stare dreamily at the ceiling tile and applaud – out of relief and satisfaction – when it’s over.

Whoa, nelly.

In the article, Haines defined the literary genre “as everything that’s repressed, guttural, instinctual, chaotic and creative,” and said her friends accused her of just wanting a “mass orgy” in her store.

I love America. Welcome to the CIA, Deputy Haines.

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