Amelia’s Style Challenge: Three Summer Pants Outfits For Under $300

You know how it’s so annoying the way some people refer to a pair of pants as a “pant”? Well, sorry to say, I have become one of those people. I say this, because Amelia recently came to me asking for advice on how to expand her pant selection in the summer months. After all, it’s not so comfortable wearing skinny jeans in 90 degree heat, now is it? Amelia was looking for something soft and flowy, silky and comfortable — and, of course, reflective of her preppy-meets-downtown style.

1. Asos Tapered Pants, $59.40
2. Elizabeth and James Trent Paisley Pants $79
3. Yumi Kim Tania Pants, $68
4. GoMax Calantha Sandal, $44.95
5. Swell Jordan Everyday Woven Tank, $24.50
6. GAP Bleecker Striped Tank, $22.95

After the jump, see how I put it all together, and how you can create three totally awesome outfits for under $300, from top to toe.

work outfit

Asos Tapered Pants, $59.40
GoMax Calantha Sandal, $44.95
GAP Bleecker Striped Tank, $22.95

Work outfit: It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these pants have great button details at the ankle and a cute tie-waist option. Sometimes the key to making the most of your money is to find affordable items that add just a little touch of something more — real embellishments and hardware can make the difference between a low-priced item looking cheap or sexay. Anyway! I paired the pant with a stripe-y tank which can easily be dressed up with a few gold chains. You could also switch out the striped shirt for the Swell Jordan Everyday Woven Tank ($24.50), but just make sure to balance the heavy dark colors out with some gold or bronze jewelry.

date outfit

Yumi Kim Tania Pants, $68
GoMax Calantha Sandal, $44.95
Swell Jordan Everyday Woven Tank, $24.50

Date Outfit: I know for a fact that Amelia loves a racer back tank, so I picked out one in olive green to go with these abstract-printed silk pants. The look is cute and classy.

brunch outfit

Elizabeth and James Trent Paisley Pants $79
GoMax Calantha Sandal, $44.95
GAP Bleecker Striped Tank, $22.95

Brunch Outfit: I love mixing prints and stripes. It can be a challenge, but as long as your print isn’t competing with your stripes for attention — and vice versa — it can be an unexpected take on an outfit.

The Total: $298.80. Woo-hoo!

Want me to take on your style challenge? I am sooooo up for it! Really, I love shopping for other people. That’s weird, right? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and tell me what you’re looking for!