Wisconsin Governor Supports Mandating Transvaginal Ultrasounds For Abortion [UPDATE]

  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is supporting an anti-abortion bill that is making its way through the state legislature which would require some women seeking first-trimester abortions to have transvaginal ultrasounds, which are performed by inserting a probe into the vagina. The forced transvaginal ultrasounds are medically unnecessary and are a popular ploy of anti-abortion folks to scare women from obtaining abortions . [Think Progress] [UPDATE: Talking Points Memo disputes that the ultrasounds would be transvaginal, instead stating only “ordinary” on-the-belly ultrasounds would be required. — Talking Points Memo]
  • Facebook announced a new policy in which it will stop treating photographs of post-mastectomy scars (usually scars on removed breast tissue) the same as it does pornography. Recently, FB also tightened its regulations on gender-based hate speech. [Think Progress]
  • Apropos of nothing, Austrialian soccer team manager Holger Osieck announced at a press conference that “women should shut up in public.” What? Right! He has since issued a non-apology apology in which he said, convincingly, “It was off the record. It was more of a funny remark. It was nothing against any women or whatever. Definitely just a complete misunderstanding.” [Yahoo]
  • This week’s New York Times Magazine explores what happens to pregnant women who are denied abortions. [New York Times Magazine]
  • Democratic Senator Carl Levin announced he will remove Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s measure from the defense spending bill that takes prosecution of sexual assault cases out of the military’s chain of command. BOOOOOO! [New York Times]
  • Feministing blogger Jos Truitt on trans issues within feminism and strengthening the movement’s gender analysis. [Feministing]
  • More ladies in Congress means more women’s bathrooms! [Salon]
  • On the controversial art installation in New York City entitled “You Can Touch My Hair.” [PostBourgie]
  • Today, Maine’s highest court is handling a case centered around a transgender fifth grade girl who was forced to use the staff bathroom instead of the girls’ bathroom. [LGBTQ Nation]
  • This woman’s attacker told her she was the 76th woman he had sexually assaulted. [xoJane]
  • Why must the housekeepers on Eva Longoria’s new Lifetime TV show “Devious Maids” all be Latina? [The Broad Side]
  • Where are all the black queer women onscreen? [Racialicious]


  • Police in Pucallpa, Peru raided a same-sex wedding ceremony this week, arresting the bride and several guests. Gay marriage is not illegal in Peru. [Queerty]
  • During a debate on “Page Three” girls who pose topless in Britain’s newspapers, MP Caroline Lucas wore a T-shirt reading “No More Page Three.” She was asked to put her jacket back on to comply with the government dress code. She then asked why her T-shirt was considered inappropriate for a government building, but topless women are not considered inappropriate for a family newspaper. [BBC]
  • Scenes from a recent visit by two members of the Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot in New York City. [NYmag.com]

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