Crazy: Parents Paid Tattoo Artist To Sabotage Teen Daughter’s Tattoo

The show “Tattoo Nightmares” is simple: people with horrible tattoos complain about how horrible their tattoos are, then get new tattoos to cover up the damage.

Usually the new ink looks a little strange, but the original tattoos sometimes represent some kind of emotional damage, so they are worth covering up. In the case of a young woman named Kristina with an unfortunate cabbage tattoo, it’s her parents and the ink that are horrible.

Kristina wanted to get inked when she was 17 and therefore needed parental consent. Her parents finally conceded, but decided to do something they thought would make Kristina never want to get another tattoo again — they paid the tattoo artist to basically just make Kristina’s experience terrible. Not only did her parents ask that the artist ink a different, uglier tatto, they also asked that the process be as painful as possible! According to Kristina, her parents laughed in the corner while the artist tattooed a red cabbage on her lower back instead of the small pink flower she requested.

Great way to be mature role models, if you ask me! The incident completely destroyed her relationship with her parents, Kristina said, because she felt that she had been betrayed. Which she had been! And that original tattoo artist who inked her should get unlicensed for, I don’t know, tattoo malpractice or something. Luckily, she now has a fun Mexican-inspired owl to replace the “red cabbage” that her parents had tattooed on her back.

She thinks it’s an upgrade. Personal opinion: not crazy about either tat.

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[Image of tattoo artist via Shutterstock]

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