Unlikely Style Inspiration: Amelia’s Dad

My dad had a number of signature looks over the course of my childhood, aspects of which I did not and still do not think are cute, like the yellow tinted Lennon-glasses and the pair of Birkenstocks permanently on his feet (with socks in winter). (I did, however, always dig his vintage T-shirt collection.) But damn if I did not see this photo of my dad in the ’70s and think, Are my eyes deceiving me or is this a page from the most recent Madewell catalog? Chambray on denim? Clogs with a goddamn heel?! A leather waist purse?!?! I will be replicating this outfit exactly and now you can too.


Denim Shirt: $29.80, Forever 21
Clogs: $109, Materia Prima, Yoox
Jeans: $69.95, Gap
Belt Bag: $29.95, American Eagle Outfitters