This Couple Has Been Wearing Matching Outfits Every Day For 35 Years

There have only been a few occasions in my boyfriend and my eight-year relationship that we have dressed alike, but it was always on accident and resulted in a frantic dash back inside to change, because we didn’t want to be that couple. Donald and Nancy Featherstone, on the other hand, are proud to be that couple, and have proudly dressed in matching ensembles every single day for the past 35 years.

It all started when Nancy made Donald a short-sleeved shirt, “knowing he’d wear it so as not to hurt my feelings.” She had some extra fabric left over, so she decided to make herself a matching blouse. The pair got so much attention and loved their coordinated look so much, Donald suggested Nancy start creating entire matching outfits. For 35 years, they’ve continued their tradition. As Nancy explains, the couple found creative ways to make sure they didn’t break their streak: “Donald used to have to travel for business and when I packed his case, I’d tell him which outfit to wear on which day, so we coordinated even though we were apart. It helped us feel connected to each other.” Another awesome tidbit about their two-of-a-kind wardrobe? Donald invented the pink flamingo lawn ornament (yes, really), so more than 40 of their matching outfits are made of flamingo print fabric.

The couple is committed to their mirrored outfits and maintain a similar closeness in their relationship. “We don’t like to be apart,” says Nancy. “Donald proposed on our first date and we’ve been together almost all the time since … As we spend all our time together, we always eat the same food, too, which is good because we have matching stains on our outfits.”

[The Guardian via Laughing Squid]