Thanks To George Clooney, Ball-Ironing Is A Thing Now

George Clooney: Sexiest man alive and itinerant ball ironer. Yes, that’s right, George Clooney (pictured joyfully showing off his scrotal superiority) has sparked a new trend in testicle management, telling the Italian magazine Max that he’d had his balls “ironed out.” This isn’t the first time he’s mentioned de-wrinkling his testicles — he made a similar joke to Esquire magazine in 2008. And while we’re pretty sure Clooney was a zillion percent joking, ball-ironing has now become an actual thing at many spas around the country. (*Bangs head against desk*)

For $575, uncreased testicle enthusiasts can go through a special package procedure, cheekily dubbed Tighten the Tackle. Estheticians use lasers to remove hair and correct scrotal discoloration. Jamie Sherrill, who runs the cosmetic surgery site Nurse Jamie, says it’s totally normal. After all, “They thought the Brazilian bikini wax was crazy 10 years ago and now it’s just part of the process … the tide is turning — don’t knock it until you try it.” While we’re pretty sure that most men have no desire to have lasers pointed at their junk, ball-ironing has become a trend in — where else — Hollywood. The Santa Monica, CA, spa Beauty Park says it’s seen an uptick in clients around awards show season. (Jon Hamm is likely furiously taking notes on this procedure right now.)

Ball skin, you see, is not unlike your sensitive and thin under eye skin. And more men are realizing that their balls require extra attention and management. Smoothing out their balls, says Sherill, seems to give some men a boost in self-confidence and esteem, not unlike a facial might for women. And it’s paying off: In the last year or so, Beauty Park teste-fies (heh) it has seen a marked increase in male clients. [Daily Mail]