Real Life Or Soap Opera? Man Is Stabbed To Death With Stiletto Heel

Early on Sunday morning, University of Houston Research Professor Alf Stefan Andersson was found dead on an apartment floor. The culprit was his girlfriend, Ana Trujillo, but this murder occurred in no ordinary fashion: he was bludgeoned to death with the heel of a stiletto.

Trujillo called 911 around 4 a.m., stating that her boyfriend had hit her but that she “needed medical help for a male.” When the police arrived, Trujillo answered the door and Andersson was dead on the floor with multiple stab wounds to the head. Trujillo was charged with murder, but released on $100,000 bail. It is not yet clear whether Andersson was kicked with the heel while Trujillo wore the shoe, or if she hit him with it using her hand.

Either way, we’re quite horrified at the new meaning to the term “killer heels.”

[ABC News]

[Image of stiletto via Shutterstock]