Lindsay Mills, Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend, Writes About Heartbreak On Her Personal Blog

Edward Snowden’s miraculous, film-like saga has gripped the world. After leaking confidential US government secrets, Snowden managed to escape to Hong Kong three weeks ago. The man behind the biggest security breach in US history not only sacrificed his career, family, friends, and girlfriend for the alleged truth, but he also forced his personal life into the escalating scandal.

The first casualty was Lindsay Mills, Snowden’s long-term girlfriend.

Yesterday, several media outlets unveiled Mills’ identity, as well as a personal blog documenting her four-year courtship with Snowden. Writing under a pseudonym, Mills calls Snowden “E”, while she refers to herself as a “vagabond”. Pictures of the couple compliment the naïve narrative, but in more recent posts, the images are replaced with the morose ramblings of a heartbroken 28-year-old. Read more on Celeb Dirty Laundry…