“Health Guru” Rainbeau Mars Demands That Her Guests Do 3-Week Cleanse Before Her Wedding

Meet Rainbeau Mars. Yes, Rainbeau. Rainbeau, who is a “health guru” to the stars, is getting married to Hollywood business manager Michael Karlin in Kauai, Hawaii, and it sounds like her guests are in for quite a treat — over the course of the three-day affair, they’ll be able to take yoga classes, and ride horses, and practice their “breath work.” Sounds totally new-agey but whatever, I don’t judge. JUST KIDDING, some things I do judge, like the fact that Rainbeau’s wedding guests — which apparently include Joan and Melissa Rivers — are also expected to do a special cleanse for three weeks in advance of attending. According to an email sent by her publicist:

Rainbeau hopes that by requesting her guests try out a vegan, and subsequently live food diet for 21 days, everyone will look and feel their best for HER big day.

WHUT?! I get that, yes, it is her (and her fiance’s) wedding. And that, legallllllly, she can tell her guests to do anything she wants. But the utter  narcissism it takes to tell people how they should eat and drink in order to make your wedding the most special, spiritual, best-looking affair ever is just, like, astounding to me. Three weeks, you guys. THREE WEEKS. I refuse to believe that Joan Rivers is going to spend three weeks on the porcelain throne preparing for this bitch’s wedding. No. Three weeks of shitting the “toxins” out of your body so this bridezilla can have only glowing, skinny, high-on-their-own-starvation people basking in her glory on the most important day in the history of the goddess or some crap? Uh uh, no. [Huffington Post]