Ygritte Confronts Worst BF Ever, Jon Snow, On “Game Of Thrones” Finale

Compared to last week’s bloodbath of an episode, the season finale of “Game of Thrones” was rather subdued. Yes, it certainly set things up for next season, but the ep was minimal on climactic moments, save for Khaleesi gathering even more loyal troops for her army, Theon’s sister vowing to avenge her brother’s lost penis, and Arya proving she’s hardly a little girl anymore. [Update: I totally forgot to mention that I got weirdly teary when a certain couple was reunited at the end of the episode.) The only moment that really had me leaping out of my chair and screaming at the TV screen was when Ygritte tracked down her deadbeat boyfriend Jon Snow. While I was seriously worried we would never ever see them on screen together again — George R. R. Martin is, after all, a cruel mistress — I was also terrified Ygritte was going to kill Jon for betraying her. I mean, he’s the worst boyfriend EVER, but I don’t want him to die. Watch what happened above!