Megan’s Style Challenge: More Midi Skirts, Please

The Frisky’s promotions editor Megan is so cute — and she’s always rockin’ adorbs skirts. The other day, she came in wearing an ikat print skirt that she’d hand-altered because it was too long. Skirts, said Megan, are never the right length. She wanted me to help her find a few midi-length skirts (those are skirts that fall below the knees but above the calf) that could be worn all year long — and she had a budget of $100 per outfit. Good thing personal shopping is pretty much my favorite thing to do. I was able to find her a slew of great items–and all on the cheap, too.

1. ASOS Sleeveless MidiDress with Pleated Skirt and Belt, $54.30
2. Pieces Mille Chunky Chain Short Necklace, $30.55
3. ASOS Aztec Skirt, $61.09
4. Ann Taylor Boatneck Tee, $28
5. Dorothy Perkins Blue Polka Dot Midi Skirt, $44
6. Express Lace Shoulder V-Neck, $16.14
7. Soulmates Draped Lace Jacket, $39.00
8. Trotters Sandals, $25.50

Click through to see how I put ‘em together for around $300.Megan Casual Outfit

Pieces Mille Chunky Chain Short Necklace, $30.55
ASOS Aztec Skirt, $61.09
Express Lace Shoulder V-Neck, $16.14
Trotters Sandals, $25.50

Casual Outfit: A cool patterned skirt plus lacy top is hipsterville Williamsburg-approved (that’s where both Megan and I live and breathe). Megan has wide feet, so sometimes her shoe options can be limited, but these Trotters sandals come in wide and extra-wide sizes.

megan style challenge fancy night out

ASOS Sleeveless MidiDress with Pleated Skirt and Belt, $54.30
Pieces Mille Chunky Chain Short Necklace, $30.55
Soulmates Draped Lace Jacket, $39.00
Trotters Sandals, $25.50

Fancy Night Out: I die for this delicious green midi-skirt dress and I already told Megan that if she doesn’t get it, I’m going to. For a fancy night out — a hawt date, or ladyfriend cocktails, or seeing the latest Nic Cage movie (hey, that’s fancy for some of us) — the lace jacket takes the outfit up a notch.

Work outfit megan

Dorothy Perkins Blue Polka Dot Midi Skirt, $44
Pieces Mille Chunky Chain Short Necklace, $30.55
Trotters Sandals, $25.50
Ann Taylor Boatneck Tee, $28

Work Outfit: Polka dots are always in style, and this subtle polka-dotted skirt (with built-in brown belt) pairs nicely with a boatneck tee. Add a necklace and some sandals and you’re ready for the office (or couch, if you work from home).

The total for all eight pieces: $298.58. Not too shabby!

Want me to take on your style challenge? I am sooooo up for it! Really, I love shopping for other people. That’s weird, right? Shoot me an email at and tell me what you’re looking for!