How Not To Exact Romantic Revenge: Attempting To Cut Off Your Rival’s Fingers

After finding flirtatious texts that her boyfriend sent to another woman, Shena Moore took the all too familiar route of blaming the other woman and not her boyfriend for the transgression. Although this reaction is typical, Shena’s revenge plan, thankfully, is not. In something described by the victim Brittany Rager as “like being in a ‘Saw’ movie,” the alleged attack involved Shena; her father, Gerald Moore; her boyfriend, John Gulley (yeah, the one who sent the texts in the first place); and a pair of gardening shears.

The kicker? The two women have been friends since childhood and are so close that Brittany Rager referred to Shena’s father as “dad,” too.

After luring Brittany Rager to their Ohio home under the pretense of mending the friendship, Gerald Moore started beating Rager over the head with his cane. Shena Moore joined her father in beating her ex-friend, repeatedly claiming that she would not make it out alive. Gerald Moore then directed his daughter to try to break Rager’s hands so that she would never be able to work again. (Rager works as a tattoo artist so hands are pretty important.) This is where things get NUTS: when Shena was unable to do break her friend’s hands herself, her dad tossed her a pair of gardening shears and instructed her to cut off Brittany Rager’s fingers with them.

With Rager’s’s finger in the shears, Shena Moore told her friend that this could all have been avoided if she hadn’t told her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. What? Naturally, Rager began to desperately defend herself, kicking recklessly in the direction of her friend and her friend’s 450-pound father. His size is key because when Rager did land a kick on him, his fall was no small ordeal and created enough of a distraction for Rager to bolt. After one more hit across the head from John Gulley — again, the guy who was allegedly cheating — with the garden shears, Rager ran outside.

Shena Moore, Gerald Moore, and John Gulley were all indicted on Friday and are obviously facing some serious charges like felony kidnapping and felonious assault. If convicted, they could face up to 19 years in prison.

I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out which part of this story is the most absurd. That they tried to cut off someone’s fingers with gardening shears?  That the boyfriend who caused all the trouble in the first place was involved? Maybe it’s that they had been friends since they were children and a few text messages ruined it all? That the father was involved? I wonder what that conversation like: “Hey dad, if you’re not busy, I was just wondering if you could help me out with my terrifying and super-illegal revenge plan later this week?” “Of course, sweetheart!”

Nope. Not okay.

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