China Says Bras Can Help You Cheat?

Things I wish I knew in high school: my bra was a clandestine cheating machine. I wore those AAs every single day, but somehow its stealthy secrets eluded my wide-eyed naivety.

Alas, “education chiefs” (not sure exactly what those are) in northeast China have outsmarted adolescent girls yet again. They’re nipping our deceitful ways in the bud by banning high-tech, metal-bearing intimates from being worn during their competitive high school exams.

And it’s not just our bras they’re after. They don’t want any apparel or object containing metal in the exam room, for fear of listening devices and transmitters, like, tuning in.

Come on kids, what happened to the good ol’ days of looking over your neighbor’s shoulder? [National Post]

[Bra photo courtesy of Shutterstock]