Back In The Day: We Love Power Beads

Who doesn’t love summoning up memories of those hideous, yet magnificent trends from our freckle-faced youth? Every week, we’ll muse over a fashion item that our former selves eagerly donned in order to sit with the cool kids at lunch. There’s nothing wrong with a little nostalgia every now and then, right? 

What it is: Power beads. the colored bracelets that determined who you were.

When we wore it: Late ‘90sWhy we hate it: You had to buy like, a zillion to keep up with your friends, upping the odds that your youthful skin would get pinched between the shifting beads. Worst of all, you could be rockin’ a purple “royalty” bracelet only to be informed by your latest frenemy that purple actually meant “sex.” Gasp! Blush. Die.

Why we love it: No one actually knew what the colors meant. And there was no Google around to back up anyone’s claim. Which meant you could fire back with a indignant, “Purple means royalty. Everyone knows that.” When in fact, no one knew that.

Would we wear it now? No. Well, maybe, now that Google exists and we won’t accidentally be walking around conveying the wrong message with our accessories.