This High School Hot Sauce Prank Is Too Hot To Handle

It’s prank season and a student at Highland Park High School in the suburbs of Chicago pulled off a doozy. Last month, a kid allegedly poured hot sauce into the marinara sauce in the school’s cafeteria. Sounds standard enough, but this particularly brilliant specimen happened to use hot sauce so hot that it sent three staff members to the hospital after inhaling the potent fumes. According to the school’s representative, students and staff that had eaten the marinara or inhaled the fumes from the sauce reported symptoms including “coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and skin rashes.”

The hot sauce was by the brand Da Bomb and although authorities are not yet sure which type of hot sauce was used, their most intense hot sauce, Final Answer Hot Sauce, reaches 1,500,000 Scoville Heat Units. This unit of measure means relatively nothing to the average human, but it rivals that of law enforcement-grade pepper spray.

Because of this little stunt, the student is now being charged as a juvenile with five counts of misdemeanor battery. That probably won’t going to look too stellar on those college applications.

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[Image of a woman with a chili pepper via Shutterstock]