Would You Wear This Toilet Paper Wedding Dress?

Where did all the toilet paper go?

Cheap Chic Weddings announced Mimoza Haska as the winner of their ninth annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest on Thursday.

Congratulations to the southern hairdresser and stylist extraordinaire. The way you spun those 16 rolls of Charmin into a strapless, asymmetrical matrimonial gown is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. No, really.

Haska and the other two finalists were judged in New York City’s RK Bridal by Project Runway alum Kate Pankoke.

Haska won a grand prize of $2,000. We suggest using that money to buy a dress made of something, that doesn’t, um, have the word “toilet” in it. Or opening a toilet-paper-dress-making factory where you churn those babies out year-round.

Or not.

You tell us, is Haska’s “Beautiful Swan” something you would ever wear?

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