OPI Releases 6 New iPhone Cases Featuring Signature Nail Polish Shades

Why draw the line at just wearing nail polish on your fingers and toes when you can broadcast your lacquer love on your phone, too? If nail polish is really, really your thing (sup, Megan?), you can snag one of these new iPhone cases straight from none other than the source of ambrosia itself, OPI — the polish professionals are launching six cases, available for versions 4, 4S, and 5, featuring signature shades I’m Not Really a Waitress, Big Apple Red, You Don’t Know Jacques, Dating a Royal, Pink Flamenco, and Need Sunglasses? Each case comes accompanied by a matching mini bottle of OPI Nail Lacquer, which almost redeems the $40 price tag. I don’t know if I would actually walk around sporting a phone case with a branded bottle of nail polish on it, but those polish splatters are another story — very cool. [BellaSugar]