No More Bikinis For Miss World?

A collective groan from adolescent males can be heard ‘round the globe! The Miss World beauty pageant announced yesterday that there will be no bikinis worn in their 2013 pageant in Indonesia this September. Said the pageant organizer:

“It has been misunderstood by some people that Miss World is a beauty competition focusing on the physical attractiveness of a woman’s body … This is absolutely misleading. [It also focuses on] inner beauty, which includes intelligence, manners and achievement.”

A pageant focusing on “inner beauty” sounds lovely. Alas, the islands’ population is overwhelmingly Muslim, which factors into the pageant’s decision to require more modest attire.  There will still be a swimsuit section — only one-piece bathing suits will be allowed, with sarongs covering the beauties’ perky bottoms. And here’s even worse news for you lustful lads: the swimsuit portion won’t be televised live.

[New York Times]

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