Happy Donut Day! Now Go Get Your Free Donut!

It’s National Donut Day, and you know what that means? Free donuts for everyone! If you play your cards right, you can actually eat nothing but donuts today and not spend a dime. I mean, you’ll probably feel really sick by the end of the day, but still! Worth it! Here’s where to go to score some free sweets…

Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free donut with any beverage purchase. They’re also debuting their slightly terrifying glazed donut breakfast sandwich today, but savvy Donut Day-ers will wait til tomorrow to try that, because it’s not free.

Krispy Kreme is giving out a free donut to every customer, and the best part? You get to choose which kind — all varieties are up for grabs!

LaMar’s Donuts is also giving out a free donut to every customer, no purchase necessary.

Tim Hortons will give you a free donut with any purchase if you bring in this Facebook coupon.

Also check with your favorite local donut place for Donut Day promotions — many smaller companies are also getting in on the free donut action. And just for fun, I thought I’d poll The Frisky ladies on their favorite kinds of donuts. Here’s what varieties we’ll be munching on today, free of charge:

Amelia — “Maple glazed!”
Julie — “All of them? But I guess if I had to pick, um, coconut glazed donuts.”
Megan — “Boston cream forever.”
Jessica — “Krispy Kreme plain vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.”
Winona — “Boston cream. Hands down.”
Alyson — “The chocolate cakey kind!”
Mary — “Glazed with pink frosting and sprinkles.”

What’s yours?