Bitch, Please: Ryan Gosling “Lookalike” Manages To Fool “Fans” Of The Actor

I am one of those lucky people who has had the great fortune of seeing Ryan Gosling in person. But even if I hadn’t run 11 blocks to see him emerge from Whole Foods, donning a tank top that showed off his muscular but lean biceps, I would never, ever, ever mistake anyone, even a so-called “lookalike,” for the Gos. Which is why I am serving major side-eye at these so-called Gosling fans in Detroit, who thought this random tax accountant — “Lyin’ Gosling” — was the actor.

True, Gosling is in town filming his directorial debut, “How To Catch A Monster,” so it’s only logical that Ryan’s fans would have their eyes peeled for a sighting. But this guy? This guy, while handsome, is, like, at most 70 percent Gosling-esque. The lips are all wrong. I could understand maybe — maybe – seeing him from, like, a block away and having a momentary pang of “OMG IT’S RYAN GOSLING!” but only if I wasn’t wearing my contacts and was temporarily insane. These “fans” standing up close to Not Gosling and clamoring for photos? Y’all need to go home and watch “The Notebook” again.

All that being said, I would totally date him because 70 percent Gosling is better than nothing. [Celebuzz]