Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Stole $200,000 In Seafood

I’m vegan, but even I can appreciate a man who appreciates seafood. A guy like Dave Subil, who spirited away with more than $60,000 in seafood supplies. Subil pretended to be in charge of acquiring a bunch of the fishy stuff from a wholesale vendor, and purchased the shrimp and fish with counterfeit checks. The Florida man (of course) now faces six counts of wire fraud and two counts of organized schemes to defraud. Schemes!

Subil also seemingly wished his name was Rick, because he used the aliases Rick Stevenson and Rick Acosta in his no-goodery. And this isn’t his first time at the stealing-fish-rodeo. Authorities believe he’s responsible for around $200,000 in stolen seafood overall. He’s now on ice — like the thousands of pounds of fish he fish-napped — in a Florida jail.

Subil, like the cheese, Nutella, and chicken wing thieves before you, we tip our hat in your general direction. [Broward Palm Beach New Times]

[Shrimp photo courtesy of Shutterstock]