The Trendiest New Way To Get Alcohol Poisoning

In 2004, people figured out that if you smoke alcohol, you can get drunk almost immediately without any of the empty calories associated with that old-fashioned liquid alcohol.  A product called AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid) was quickly banned in the U.S. because inhaling alcohol straight into the bloodstream is super dangerous. But now inhaling alcohol has resurfaced with a new sketchy product that’s being sold legally in all 50 states. The Vaportini, which is sold online, gets you schwasted immediately upon inhalation.

Not surprisingly, doctors are once again trying to shut this new product down — as well as discourage DIY alcohol vaporizers, like water bottles with bike pumps or dry ice. Why is inhaling your booze so dangerous? If alcohol doesn’t go through the stomach, the body’s major line of defense against alcohol poisoning is bypassed and you can’t throw it up if you’ve consumed too much. That’s a big problem, especially because it is much more difficult to tell how many shots you’ve had when you’re just breathing them in. And just like the side effects of smoking, inhaling alcohol also causes severe damage to the throat and lungs.

Inhaling alcohol is mostly being picked up by calorie-counters and college students looking for a new kind of high. All things considered, it’s probably best to just drink your drinks, everyone!

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