Radio Host Prank Calls Kate Moss On Air, Reveals She’s A Ridiculously Good Sport

We get it: I love Kate Moss. She’s a stunning model, a sartorial darling, a party girl and mother and rock star wife — she covers all the bases, and looks incredible whilst doing so. But Kate is also notoriously press-shy, which means that most media accounts of her are, well, straight-up awkward, despite testaments (by her many famous friends) that she’s one of the sweetest, most fun people around. It’s rare that she’s captured in a genuine moment… but that’s exactly what her old friend, British TV presenter Nick Grimshaw (with whom she read aloud Fifty Shades of Grey for charity), elicited when he agreed to prank call her live on BBC Radio One. Grimmy, as she refers to him, phones Moss to inquire about the whereabouts of his “High School Musical” DVD, because he needs to watch it right now, and she reacts with legitimate concern. Considering Kate’s tight-lipped public persona, as The Cut writer Charlotte Cowles attests, “this may just be the best press she’s gotten in ages.” []