Nope, I Do Not Accept Adidas Slides As High Fashion Accessories

Adidas slides have been the purview of college bros for decades now, the choice footwear for pairing with over-sized basketball shorts and visor caps. But of late, they’ve been making insidious inroads in the fashion world. Witness the style shoot above, for the brand Aitken Jolly: the knee-high athletics socks were bad enough, but the slides? You are taking it to a Next Level Awful place.

And Aitken Jolly aren’t the only ones: Fashionista spoke to Nonoo designer Misha Nonoo, who said, “I just thought the Adidas shower sandals really spoke to something that’s kind of l’air du temps.” Uh, what?

Fashion “experts” say that the renewed interest in Adidas slides goes back to high-end designer Phoebe Philo and her collections for Celine. “The clean lines and shape of the Adidas sandal are very much on point with where fashion accessories are going right now–the first example that comes to mind on a designer level is the Celine sandals in regards to shape and style,” said stylist Danielle Nachmani.

You know who should be wearing them?

Mark Zuckerberg in Adidas Slides

This guy.

You know who else is wearing them? Amanda Bynes. I don’t know any other worse style harbinger than that.

I get ugly fashion — it’s a legit trend these days to wear things that are unappealing and off-putting, as if to say, “I flout conventional notions of style! I’m a rare bird, confident in stridently ugly apparel!” But guys, even I have my limits. And Adidas shower slides have made me reach them. [Fashionista]