High School Graduation Speaker Urges Girls To “Devote Yourself To Your Families And Children”

  • A social studies teacher named Peter Heck spoke a high school commencement and instead of encouraging all of the graduates to pursue their wildest ambitions, he really just told the boys to do that. Heck urged the graduating girls to “devote yourself to your families and children. … We need more women as invested mothers.” His word’s echoed a college graduation speech given recently by former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who urged graduates to get married and have kids. [Huffington Post]
  • Louisiana has just passed a bill prohibiting any unmarried people from using a surrogate to have a child. Since same-sex marriage is also illegal in Louisiana, there is no way for same-sex couples to have a child this way. Calling bullshit on that, Louisiana. [Feministing]
  • Enraged by the injustice done to them, these fearless survivors of sexual assault are telling both their attackers and society that enough is enough! [Glamour]
  • A Dallas 911 operator was fired after calling African-Americans “animals” on her Facebook page. Worst of all, she was referring to victims of domestic abuse who she is supposed to be helping. [Raw Story]
  • Last night Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Haim, and Jennifer Lopez performed to raise money for Chime for Change, an organization with over 200 programs in 70 countries. The concert, Sound of Change Live, attracted over 50,000 people, raised $4 million and put issues like genital mutilation, domestic violence, maternal death, and adult illiteracy on center stage. [Independent UK]
  • “America’s Mermaid” and MGM synchronized swimming star, Esther Williams, died at age 91. [People]
  • The attempt to create the Great American Novel has long been a task assigned to men. But with her novel The Flamethrowers, author Rachel Kushner shatters this notion and (finally) puts a female protagonist at the center of her own Great American Novel. [Salon]


  • In Democratic Republic of Congo, therapy sessions for survivors of sexual violence are proving to be extremely effective in helping women overcome the trauma, shame, and terrifying flashbacks of sexual assault. [New York Times]
  •  Making history in Kenya, Judge J.A. Makau charged the police guilty for failing to enforce laws to protect girl children from sexual violence. This is a huge victory for girls and their rights in Kenya. [New York Times]

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