Etsy Spotlight: 12 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Accessories For $50 Or Less

Earlier this week we did a roundup of 30 awesome wedding hairstyles, some of which were augmented with pretty clips, combs, or headbands. If you’ve been shopping for anything wedding related, you know the prices are jacked up to almost comical levels, and hair pieces are no exception (“Why is this plastic hair clip $300?” “Because it’s a bridal hair clip.”). If you’re looking for a unique hair accessory at a reasonable price, look no further than Etsy. We found these 12 vintage or handmade hair accessories for less than $50 a piece. Check out all the shopping details after the jump!

1. Rhinestone Floral Hair Clip: $46
2. Crocheted Flower Clip: $26
3. Peacock Feather Hair Clip: $35
4. Pink Rose Hair Clips, $18.50
5. Rhinestone Feather Hair Comb, $30
6. Floral Crown, $38
7. Art Deco Beaded Headband, $36
8. Fabric Flower Hair Clip: $36
9. Gold Vine Crown, $38
10. Pearl And Crystal Hair Comb: $49
11. Magnolia Flower Clip, $30
12. Blue Rose Bobby Pins, $20