Small Town Sends Unscooped Dog Poop Back To Dog Owners

Brunete, a small town outside of Madrid, Spain, had a problem. Dog owners had become lax about scooping their pets’ poop, and sidewalks were strewn with waste. To solve the problem, town leaders teamed up with ad agency McCann Erickson to create a publicity campaign that would shock residents into following the rules. The plan? If dog owners didn’t pick up their dog’s poop, the abandoned feces would be mailed back to them. No, seriously.

Apparently the Brunete town hall keeps a detailed pet database that can be used to match owners with their pets. McCann Erickson sent out volunteers to spot irresponsible dog owners and have a quick chat with them about their dog’s name and breed. By entering that information into the pet database, they were able to identify the pet owners and find their addresses, which were printed on express shipping boxes containing — you guessed it — their dog’s poop. Owners were videotaped receiving their special delivery, marked “Lost Property,” to spread the word to other dog owners that they better shape up.

You can see the full video of the campaign (in Spanish, but you can definitely get the idea) on YouTube. What do you think of this campaign? Brilliant? Disgusting? Both? Even if you think it’s crude, you’ve gotta give props for efficacy: the campaign reduced the amount of unscooped dog poop on Brunete streets by 70 percent. [Gawker]

[Photo of dog via Shutterstock]