It’s Hard Out There For A Teen: Boobs, Tribal Feathers, Hipster Glasses Not Allowed!

Cleavage, tribal feathers, hipster glasses — oh my! All of those things have gotten students in trouble at schools around the nation. Schools sure have gotten strict, some might say silly, with their rules about what students can and can’t do. Showing cleavage at prom? You know, prom, where everyone wears dresses? NOT OKAY. Wearing a Native American feather to honor your heritage during graduation? VERBOTEN! Glad to hear our nation’s educators are keeping the kiddies safe from boobies and diversity.

Here’s just a few examples of ridiculous bans on high school kids — most of them young women — around the country. After the jump, find out the stories behind these sordid tales.

1. Chelsey Ramer, 17, of Alabama was denied her diploma because she wore a Native American tribal feather at graduation. The teen is a member of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians and had asked the principal if she could wear a feather during graduation. The principal said no, but Chelsey did it anyway. Now she can’t get her diploma unless she pays a fine as punishment. [Raw Story]

2. Brittany Minder of Silverdale, Washington, was initially rejected from prom because school officials thought her breasts were too large in her strapless dress. Minder was apparently in violation of the school dress code because her cleavage wasn’t covered. Brittany was finally allowed into prom after she covered her boobs with a shawl. Still, she felt embarrassed and left after only an hour. [Gawker]

3. Damian Garcia of Albuquerque, New Mexico, skipped graduation when the school would not allow him to wear a black cap and gown like the other male graduates. Damian, who was assigned the female gender at birth, is transgender and asked to wear the white graduation outfit like the other young women. The school refused, so Damian skipped graduation; instead, the local University of New Mexico’s LGBT! Resource Center threw him a graduation party. [Advocate]

4. After filming a “twerking” video, 31 students in San Diego, CA — most of them girls — were suspended for two days and banned from attending prom and graduation after the administrators caught wind of the booty dancing vid. The prom and graduation ban was eventually overturned, but now all the teens are facing a sexual harassment charge. [10News]

5. Caitlin Tiller, 17, had her photo removed from her high school yearbook because she posed with her newborn baby. Caitlin gave birth in April 2012 and chose a picture of herself and her son as her yearbook pic. But the despite the fact that the school invited the kids to pose with “props” representing their achievements, Caitlin’s picture of her and her baby were taken out because they thought would promote teen pregnancy. Funny, I thought teaching abstinence-only education promoted teen pregnancy! [Huffington Post]

6. An Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn, NY, banned students from wearing thick, black hipster glasses. The school warned that hipster glasses were too “modern,” although I’m pretty sure Buddy Holly and Woody Allen both wore them first. Anyway, only frameless or wireframe glasses allowed! [The Gloss]

Heard any other stories of teens who were punished by their schools for something kinda ridiculous? Let us know in the comments!

[Artwork by  Casey Federbusch]

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