Game Developers Comb Landfill For Worst Atari Games Ever

If you’re a lady or gent of a certain age, then you remember Atari, makers of the first video games (along with Coleco). When my parents first got an Atari, they played for hours — I was too young to try my hand, but I remember how exciting it seemed to have this new home technology. Some games were great (hello, Pong, first game ever), but others, not so much. And those often ended up in a landfill outside of Alamogordo, New Mexico, near where the Atari company was based. The games were allegedly dumped in the landfill illegally, under cover of night.

Video games developer Fuel Industries believe that many of the company’s worst-selling games ended up in the landfill — including their “E.T.” game, which has now become a cult favorite — and have received permission from the local government to excavate. The company has six months to dig around in the landfill, which is locally known as an Atari Graveyard. Fuel is hoping to revive some of Atari’s “worst games” and cult favorites. [Alamogordo News]