Style 911: “What Do I Wear With These Orange Shoes?”

I received these shoes as a gift recently and I am racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear with them that is daytime casual. I feel like an orange dress would be too much. Any thoughts?––Gina

First off Gina, hi! I gotta say, I think it’s kind of weird to gift someone a pair of shoes. Shoes are so particular and personal, but then again, maybe I’m just prejudiced because the one time somebody wanted to buy me shoes it was really weird. Anyways! Those shoes have a lot of personality, which means that you should keep the rest of your outfit pretty tame. Let the shoes do the talking (and walking, as it were).

Style 911 answer

1. Drawstring Safari Dress, $98
2. C&C California Dress, $88
3. Peapod Necklace, $19.99
4. Limited Large Knot Hinged Bracelet, $19.99
5. Top Shop Cat’s Eye Sunglasses, $32