Proposing By Calling 911 Seems Like A Bad Idea

Bay County, Florida, police officer Rad Nelson wanted to propose to his girlfriend Elizabeth Cook, so he called 911. You see, Cook is a dispatcher with the Bay County emergency system, and Nelson knew she’d be on the job. Around 3:30 in the morning, he dialed 911 and asked her to transfer over to a “talk” channel (presumably so as not to tie up the emergency line). From there, he professed, “Elizabeth Ann Cook from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul I want to ask you, will you marry me?” The stunned Cook said yes, with strangers on the talk channel listening in.

“Lieutenant, I think that’s the first time I ever heard her stutter,” one remarked.

Nelson eventually made his way over to Cook’s office, and offered a proper “on bended knee” proposal. “I wanted to hug him, but I had to do my job,” said Cook. “911 waits for no one, even a proposal.”

The couple married just two weeks later. I guess working in emergency services makes you realize how precious time really is. [WHDH] [911 photo courtesy of Shutterstock]