Cafe Lets Patrons Pay With … Kisses?

No cash at the coffee shop? No problem. If you’re at the Metro St. James coffeehouse in Sydney, Australia, you’re allowed to pay with a kiss. No, you don’t have to makeout with the pimply barista — the crew at the Metro just want to watch. All this month, the cafe is running a special promotion where kissing couples — of any kissing configuration — get free coffee for smooching in-store. The kicker is, you have to show up between 9 and 11 a.m., and you have to be totally okay with performing a sexual act in exchange for free coffee.

“We’ll watch you, it has to be a real kiss,” chides a Metro waiter. “I can see if it’s a fake kiss. I’m kind of a specialist.” Well, okay then. The waiter then stands there and watches the couple kiss, determining whether the kiss was for real or not. Kind of creepy, no?

In the video above, all the kissing couples seem absolutely thrilled by the idea. But I don’t know, it seems 1) to unfairly favor people in relationships, and 2) feels a little weirdly voyeuristic. What do you think? [Grub Street]

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