Scooter The Llama Escapes, Is Tased & Captured By Florida Cops

A llama, clearly influenced by Kanye West, led Florida cops on a nine-hour goose (llama?) chase around Leon Country Friday night, before being Tased and returned to its owner. Scooter the Llama — seen above with a couple of police officers who are like, “whaaaa?” – made it all the way to Tallahassee before being found. Their main concern, police said, was making sure that Scooter wasn’t accidentally hit by a car (bad for the llama, but likely worse for the car). “I’ve been doing this twenty years and this was the first llama I’ve ever had to chase,” said Leon County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant. Tony Drzewiecki. To get him home, police officers Tased him and guided him (rather unwillingly) into a trailer.

So what might motivate a llama to go on the lam? Did the llama have dreams of rock stardom? Of opening his own artisanal chocolate operation? Maybe he wanted to train hop around the country, bindle stick in hoof, looking for a delicious patch of alfalfa grass to chew on? In any case, Scooter’s owner said that after the traumatic Tasing, he was mostly back to normal and eating his favorite snack — Triscuits — like it was no big deal. Llamas, man, cool customers.  [NBC Miami]