“Mad Men” Recap: Joan Holloway Leans In

If you made it through “Game Of Thrones” last night and still had the emotional stamina to watch “Mad Men,” you were at least rewarded with an amazing Joan Holloway episode. Joan has been given quite a bit of side-eye from her fellow partners for the way in which she snagged her position (you know, sleeping with that icky executive from Jaguar), and she’s not going to take their disrespect anymore! When Joan meets an Avon executive who wants to do business with the agency (“I thought it was a date, but it was even better!”), she refuses to usurp power over the relationship to Pete. Meanwhile, Peggy is initially resistant to bending the standard rules of hierarchy — possibly because she, too, has been judgmental of Joan’s rise to prominence — she eventually realizes that they both, as women, have had to seize what opportunities they could to “lean in.” It’s a BAMF moment for all the women of the newly dubbed Sterling, Cooper & Partners. Four clips above!

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