Astrology 101: The Gemini Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, dear Gemini! As our gift to you, we whipped up this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic matchups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life!

Gemini with Aries:
Best thing about Gemini and Aries: You and Aries share a love of new experiences, which will guarantee a dynamic and exciting life together.
Worst thing: You may find that their hot temper brings out your anger and you prefer to be a more positive person.

Gemini with Taurus:
Best thing about Gemini and Taurus: You will love Taurus’ reliability. They are the rock you can count on whenever you are feeling unsteady.
Worst thing: You two have such different needs and ways of being in the world that you will find it extremely hard to relate.

Gemini with Gemini:
Best thing about Gemini and Gemini: You will never ever run out of things to talk about. The two of you will always have an open and communicative connection.
Worst thing: Because you are both so changeable you will find it nearly impossible to settle down or make decisions.

Gemini with Cancer:
Best thing about Gemini and Cancer: You will love how sentimental they are and how they effortlessly bring out your emotional side.
Worst thing: Your free-spirited nature may be stifled by Cancer’s deep need for commitment and emotional intimacy.

Gemini with Leo:
Best thing about Gemini and Leo: The two of you will have way too much fun together. You both are lighthearted, positive, and love life. There will be no shortage of dinner party invitations.
Worst thing: Leo is far too stubborn for your liking.

Gemini with Virgo:
Best thing about Gemini and Virgo: As two signs ruled by Mercury, you will share an endless intellectual curiosity and similar communication styles.
Worst thing: Virgo’s tendency to criticize and second-guess won’t mesh well with your desire to look on the bright side.

Gemini with Libra:
Best thing about Gemini and Libra: You will love how much more centered and calm you feel in the presence of balanced Libra.
Worst thing: That same balanced, calm demeanor may make you feel insecure about your innately changeble nature.

Gemini with Scorpio:
Best thing about Gemini and Scorpio: You will be fascinated by mysterious Scorpio, and getting to know them will provide just the kind of challenging puzzle you crave.
Worst thing: Scorpio tends to be much too intense for you. You are looking for an intellectual connection, Scorpio is looking for a soul connection.

Gemini with Sagittarius:
Best thing about Gemini and Sagittarius: You will love the dynamic intellectual connection. You two will talk for hours on end about anything and everything.
Worst thing:¬†Sagittarius’ domineering ways will not sit well with your free spirit.

Gemini with Capricorn:
Best thing about Gemini and Capricorn: If you’re feeling adrift, Capricorn can be just the anchor you are looking for.
Worst thing: Super steady Capricorn might not be able to handle your need for constant change and spontaneity.

Gemini with Aquarius:
Best thing about Gemini and Aquarius: As two of the most social signs in the zodiac, you two will build a romance on a strong foundation of friendship.
Worst thing: You may end up feeling more like friends than lovers.

Gemini with Pisces:
Best thing about Gemini and Pisces: Your active mind and Pisces’ endless imagination will spark fascinating discussions about even the most abstract ideas.
Worst thing: You prefer to move through life quickly, which means Pisces’ slower pace might get on your nerves.