Etsy Spotlight: 12 Super Satchels You’ll Take Everywhere

It’s summer! You know what you need? A bag that’ll store your laptop/wallet/mini-vodka bottles — you know, all your crap. A bag that will work on your shoulder, but also crossbody, so if you happen to be riding a bike with your bag, you won’t lose your balance and crash into a street sign (yes, that happened to me, whatever). Satchels are great for all that, and they make good overnight bags in a pinch. Plus, they have a cool “Indiana Jones” meets “Wall Street” vibe, no? Check out 12 of our Etsy faves, after the jump.

1. Mint Green Satchel, $75
2. Handmade Leather Satchel, $139
3. Vintage Tooled Leather Satchel, $125
4. Hand-printed Canvas Satchel, $38
5. Retro Blue Satchel Bag, $28.71
6. Black Leather and Vinyl Satchel, $25
7. Tanya Satchel in Camel, $53
8. Slouchy Leather Satchel Bag, $115
9. Sage Khaki Canvas Bag, $48
10. Studded Satchel, $65
11. Wax Canvas Satchel, $125
12. Waxed Canvas Day Bag, $98