Kate Middleton Usurps Kate Moss As Britain’s Most Influential Beauty Icon

Kates Moss and Middleton effectively share nothing in common aside from a first name and a nationality: one is a renegade party girl and supermodel, the other a refined, perfectly vanilla royal wife and full-time perfect blowout-haver. And yet! The results of a poll formulated by Britain’s largest online beauty retailer, feelunique.com, show that the polar opposites snagged the top spots in the running for the UK’s most influential beauty icons.

Moreover, Middleton has knocked Moss out of the prime seat by almost double, with 30 percent of the poll’s responders citing the Duchess as the inspiration behind their beauty purchases. Says the site’s editorial director, who happens to be named NEWBY HANDS (????!), “Kate and Kate represent two sides of really modern women and between the two of them they cover all style and lifestyle tastes. … Despite their differences they are both aspirational and fascinating.” But, you know, Moss forever and ever and ever amen. There is only one Kate in London, am I right?

Of course, this raises the question — which side are you on? Do you skew towards Kate Moss’s insouciant tousled hair, smudged smoky eye, and nighttime red lip, or Kate Middleton’s black liner, flawless curls, and healthy bronzed skin? [Telegraph][poll id=”4801″]