Topless Protesters Interrupt Heidi Klum During Filming Of “Germany’s Next Top Model”

  • Ha ha ha ha. Heidi Klum got divebombed by topless activists on the catwalk of “Germany’s Next Top Model” while she was filming the live finale yesterday! That’s Heidi in the pink with one of the topless women shouting in her face; the other lady had “Heidi Horror Picture Show” written across her chest. Security very quickly made them go auf wiedersehen. [US Weekly]
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman recently did a 10-day stint in rehab for abusing prescription pills and heroin. Glad to hear he’s taking care of himself. [TMZ]
  • Michael Fassbender is dating the British Olympic athlete Louise Hazel. :::storm clouds gather over head::: [US Weekly]
  • Flavorwire blogger Tyler Coates on why everyone needs to STFU about whatever work Portia DiRossi has gotten done to her face. [Flavorwire]
  • Six beauty looks inspired by Lindsay Lohan’s mugshots. [xoVain]
  • You’ve seen real lesbians react to real lesbian porn. Now here are fake lesbians reacting to real lesbian porn. NSFW! [YouTube]
  • The late Anna Nicole Smith’s six-year-old daughter Danielyn might be getting a lot of money soon. [Daily Mail UK]
  • How to wear 10 different types of shorts! Who knew there were 10? [Refinery29]

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