Poll: How Often Should You Wash Your Sex Toys?

A survey done in the UK found that only 35 percent of people wash their sex toys after every use. More than half of the participants said they washed their toys “regularly” and 12 percent, clearly not germophobes, admitted to never cleaning them. OK. That’s just gross. The company that ran this survey found the results “quite worrying given the risk of bacterial infection.” Apparently, we should be washing our toys after every use.

Not to be TMI or anything, but we discussed amongst ourselves here at The Frisky, and while we all wash our sex toys, we don’t always do it after every use and we haven’t had any problems, nor do we think we’re terribly gross. Responses to the question of how often we wash our sex toys included:

“Oh god, I’m the grossest. I kind of halfheartedly wipe them down every time but i don’t really know how to wash them.”

“It really depends on how ‘dirty’ I got them. I only use them clitorially, so unless they got sweaty, I wash them maybe every few months? But if they DO get sweaty from use, I wash them pretty much immediately.”

“I put them in a plastic baggie so they don’t touch anything in my drawer. I wash them if they got heavily used. If not, maybe once every couple of weeks.”

We’re not sold on the suggestion that you have to wash sex toys after every use. So, what do you think is acceptable?

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